The Best Energy Efficiency Rebates in Cheyenne That You Never Knew Existed

Residential rebates are music to the ears of any homeowner looking to take on an energy efficiency project. Install energy efficient equipment, get paid! It's really that simple.

Cheyenne residents have a particularly great deal sitting under their noses: a set of stellar rebates designed specifically for local homeowners using Black Hills Energy gas or electric services.

Here are a few deals from the list that should definitely be on your radar:

1. Insulation

Cheyenne residents with an active Black Hills natural gas account can get $0.50 per square foot on their projects, up to $750! Retrofits on ceilings, walls, floors, foundations and rim joists are all eligible.

2. Air sealing

Black Hills customers can earn 70% of the cost of their air sealing projects (weather-stripping, caulking, etc.) up to $200. Definitely take them up on this amazing deal!

3. High-efficiency lighting

Got lightbulbs on your list? Make sure you specify that you need to by compact fluorescents and LEDs only to get them at a reduced cost (up to $12 off!), all offset by Black Hills Energy. Plus, get special markdown prices at Walmart and The Home Depot in Cheyenne.

4. Furnaces

Need to replace your furnace? If you're a Black Hills customer, you could receive $250 back on the cost of the equipment you purchase, as long as it meets their fuel efficiency requirements (less than or equal to 92% AFUE).

5. Dishwashers

Dishwashers always break down at exactly the wrong time, don't they? If you're setting out to replace one, take a look at Black Hills' list of consumer products rebates. If you have an active Black Hills Energy electric account and pick out an ENERGY STAR qualified product, you could get $20 back in your pocket, just like that.

And this is just a selection! Check out Black Hills Energy's residential rebates page to check up on all the deals available to Wyoming residents. With support like this, there's no reason not to make the switch and upgrade to energy efficient technology and materials.

You're just one form away!

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