The Best Energy Rebate Programs for Colorado Residents

There's no question that making energy efficient upgrades to your home is a big investment. We get it! Fortunately, there are lots of incredible energy rebate programs out there for Colorado (and Wyoming) residents.

We keep tabs on the programs available to local families so that you don't have to. And you know what else? For many programs, we'll even do all the paperwork for you (trust us, you'll be glad we did!).

Energy rebate programs come in many different forms, from interest-free loans to energy audit discounts and cash incentives (free money!). And a variety of different entities offer them too.

Some rebates come directly from the state or federal government, while others are put together by thoughtful energy companies in the area. Either way, you get money back on your energy efficient upgrade!

Here are three that we think top the charts based on the financial benefit they provide and their ease of use.

1. Efficiency Works: Fort Collins Residential Efficiency Program

  • Efficiency Works combines the energy efficiency offerings of Northern Colorado utility companies

  • Get rebates on everything from attic insulation to crawl spaces

  • Get a discounted $60 home efficiency audit to discover new ways to save energy (and money!)

  • For Colorado residents only

2. Fort Collins Utilities: Home Efficiency Epic Loan Program

  • Enjoy low-interest loans that can be used to finance up to $100 of the total cost of energy efficient upgrades

  • Use this rebate to improve your home's thermal envelope, insulation and/or duct and air sealing

  • Easily repay your loan via your regular monthly Fort Collins Utilities bill

3. Xcel Energy Electric: Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

  • Get cash incentives on your energy efficient home improvements

  • Enjoy standard rebates on insulation installation, lighting and energy efficient appliances

Think you'll pursue an energy rebate? Participating in programs like this can be a great way to fund the home improvements you've always wanted to make. Join in while the deals are still available!

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